Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor foam cushions made up in UV and mildew resistant, water repellent fabrics with a cotton canvas look mean you don't need to compromise on aesthetics to have a durable, out-door safe seating area.

Bring a pop of colour and comfort into your outdoor areas with long lasting solution dyed acrylic fabric covers with high grade upholstery foam cushions.

Size and Shape

Our cushions are always made to order, so can be any size or shape you need. For more information on getting a quote for a irregular shaped cushion, please contact us.


We have a wide selection of outdoor fabrics to choose from, in plain and patterns, with options such as UV resistance, water repellance as well as mildew and stain protections.


Be default our cushions always come with zips along the back side of the covers so they can be removed for washing.
Piping can be added to cushions, either just the top edge, or both top and bottom edges if you plan on flipping the cushion.

Keeping Cushions in Place

If you're worried about your cushions moving about too much, we can attach 5cm wide velcro to the bottom of the cushion, the other side of which can be secured to your seating area.

For stand alone benches, or for things like chests and shoe boxes, we can offer either cotton tape ties, which are a thin but sturdy option. For something a bit more robust we can make velcro straps.


Pricing varies from project to project, but please have a look through the sample prices below to give you a rough idea:

These prices are for 6cm thick foam with a piped upper edge on the covers and include mainland UK delivery. 

50 x 40cm £120
100 x 35cm £160
130 x 45cm £170
145 x 70cm £220
150 x 45cm £180
180 x 50cm £205
205 x 50cm £250
290 x 30cm £260

Foam, Lead Times and More

Check out our FAQ page for more details.

For all inquiries and questions, please use the following: 

Inquiry Form

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