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Indoor Bench Cushions

Kitchen Benches, Reading Nooks, Bay Windows, Day Beds, Sofa Cushions; these comfortable foam filled cushions are a great finishing touch for any indoor area.

Indoor Fabric Options

Made up with high quality upholstery fabrics in a wise selection of fibre and colour, with upholstery grade foam inserts for a long lasting addition to any room.

Made to order in any size or shape you need, using high quality upholstery grade fabrics with high Martindale Rub Test values for a long lasting cover. The foam I use is an upholstery grade foam, made for longevity.

My standard cushions come with piping on the top side and with long zips down the back so the covers can be removed.

I offer a firm foam option, my standard, which is best for thicknesses between 6-10cm. This is great for most seating, it's comfortable whilst offering good support.
Anything above 10cm (10-15cm recommended) is better as a medium density foam, which is more like a sofa cushion softness.
Then foam inserts come with a stockinette undercover wrapping, which helps protect your cover fabric from the abrasive surface of the foam and also make fitting and removal of covers much easier.

Pricing varies from project to project, but please have a look through the sample prices below to give you a rough idea.

My lead times vary from month to month, but it's usually between 2-5 weeks. If you have a particular completion date in mind, please do let me know when you get in contact and I'll do my best to accommodate.

Cushions can be made up in all shapes and sizes (non-straight edged projects may require a paper pattern to be sent in), and using your own fabric.

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