Bench Cushion FAQs

Example Prices

As standard my cushions come with 6cm thick "firm" foam (see below for more info on foam options), piped edges and a long zip across the back edge.

Prices include mainland UK delivery.

50 x 40cm £110
100 x 35cm £135
130 x 45cm £165
145 x 70cm £215
150 x 45cm £180
180 x 50cm £205
205 x 50cm £245
290 x 30cm £260


I have a few Etsy listings in my most popular fabrics which have pre-set sizes priced up and ready to order (more info on the fabrics further down the page):

"Comfy" Fabric

"Splash" Fabric

"Malabar" Fabric

"Plush" Velvet Fabric

Boucle Textured Fabric

Clarke and Clarke's Crushed Velvet Fabric

FOR JUST COVERS - In the "Comfy" Fabric


Required Dimensions 

These are examples of the dimensions I'll need to put a bespoke quote together for you. For more info on "height", please see the "Foam Options" section further down the page. If the cushion you need has rounded corners or is an irregular shape, I may require a paper pattern to be posted to me to get the foam cut.

Standard box cushion:

Window seat cushion:

Fabric Options

If you wish to supply your own fabric, please let me know the width when requesting a quote.

I offer a selection of good quality upholstery fabrics, from suppliers such as Warwick, Clarke and Clarke and Linwood. I can also make up projects in your own fabrics, but upholstery grade is advised.


These fabrics all fall roughly within the quoted example prices, please let me know if you require samples:

Hardwearing, machine washable:

"Splash" by Warwick Fabrics


Machine washable:

"Comfy" - A hardwearing but super soft to the touch fabric

"Lovely" - A smooth velvet style fabric

"Jeans" - Cotton/Linen blend fabric


Dry clean only:

"Everest" - A textured, boucle fabric

"Malabar" - A densely woven herringbone style fabric

"Rouen" - A chenille with a lovely shine




For patterned fabrics, this is a good place to start - they have their own sampling service (link below the "add to basket" button on each fabric's page):

Just Fabrics Upholstery Options



I also have available Clarke and Clarke, and Linwood fabrics. The prices vary a fair amount, please message me for a quote using a specific fabric:





I offer three thicknesses of foam for my bench cushions.
Between 3-5cm thick I suggest an "extra firm" foam, which offers a good amount of cushioning at such small thicknesses.

At 6-10cm is the "firm" foam, a comfy foam great for high traffic seats that offers good support. Perfect for most situations. 

And from 10 - 15cm I offer a "medium" foam, which is more like a sofa cushion, soft and comfortable. Great for snuggling into.

My standard is a 6cm "firm" foam.


Lead times

This will vary from month to month, my standard tends to be 3-4 weeks, however during busy periods it can get up to 5-6 weeks.

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